Transport Canada

Transport Canada sets and enforces security standards for Canada's air, land and water transportation systems. It evaluates information from the security and intelligence community regarding possible threats, and directs the transportation industry to take appropriate security measures to deal with threats.

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Under U.S. pressure, Canada toils in secret on complex air screening system
In sharp contrast to the splashy announcement of see-through airport scanners, officials have been quietly toiling in the shadows on the complex system, which involves input from the Canada Border Services Agency, Transport Canada, CSIS and RCMP.
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Canada introduces no-fly list amid fear of abuses
Airlines will be obliged to check the names of passengers who appear to be 12 or over against the list, which was compiled using information from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police as well as Canada's counter-intelligence agency.
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No-fly list comes into play
Anyone denied a boarding pass under the program will be able to apply to Transport Canada's Office of Reconsideration. Failing that, appeals can be made to SIRC, the RCMP Public Complaints Commission or the Canadian Human Rights Commission.
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Canada to launch no-fly list in June
A Canadian no-fly list of people to be barred from boarding domestic and international airline flights is set to take effect June 18. The no-fly list will be drawn up by Transport Canada, with input from the RCMP and CSIS.
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Integrating terrorism intelligence resources
Nine departments are represented in ITAC: the Privy Council Office, Foreign Affairs Canada, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada, National Defence, Canada Border Services Agency, Transport Canada, CSE, CSIS and the RCMP.
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Arar inquiry urges more scrutiny of Canada's intelligence activities
The Maher Arar inquiry has unfurled blueprints for a stronger, more co-ordinated family of watchdogs to keep an eye on the RCMP and other federal security organizations. Justice Dennis O'Connor suggests better scrutiny of the intelligence community.
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Airport screeners may focus on passenger behaviour
The federal agency that searches airline passengers and carry-on luggage for potentially dangerous articles is now looking at scrutinizing people's actions more closely.
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Intelligence Analyst
Significant experience in criminal or security intelligence analysis. Intermediate experience in research, analysis and reporting of national security threats.
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Marine Intelligence Analyst
Represents Transport Canada within the regional Marine Security Operations Centre (MSOC) intelligence department providing detailed marine transportation security analysis and production of intelligence and specialized advice of the maritime environment  [...]
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Tories to create new security bodies: document
An internal party document obtained by the French-language service of CBC suggests the Conservatives want to set up a U.S.-style national intelligence agency to manage information from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the RCMP.
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Canada adopts sweeping homeland security law
The Canadian government has passed extensive legislation to prevent terrorist attacks and increase public safety. The Public Safety Act amends 11 legislative provisions across the energy, health care, banking, transportation, and defence  [...]
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Marine Security Contribution Program announced
An additional investment of $25 million will be provided for increased DFO air surveillance. Augmenting the existing air program is an efficient and cost-effective way to obtain intelligence on marine vessel activities.
LINK | Published: 2004-05-07 | Added: 2004-05-10

Public Safety Act Receives Royal Assent
The Act is designed to improve Canada's capacity to prevent terrorist attacks, protect citizens and respond quickly should a threat be identified.
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New funding initiatives
The Government of Canada will invest $137 million to support intelligence enhancement as part of the National Security Policy.
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Securing An Open Society: Canada's National Security Policy
Further investments to enhance Canada's intelligence collection capacity, with a focus on Security Intelligence.
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Securing An Open Society: Canada's National Security Policy
Further investments will be made to enhance Canada's intelligence collection capacity, with a focus on Security Intelligence.
PDF | Published: 2004-04-27 | Added: 2004-04-27

Martin to roll out ambitious national security policy
The policy will canvass six areas: improving intelligence gathering capacity, emergency planning, public health, transportation (marine) security, border security and international security.
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Ottawa plans $500m security fix
The Liberal government will spend $500-million on a new national security policy to close significant gaps in Canada's intelligence and security apparatus.
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Huge gaps in security
Canada's spending watchdog slammed the Liberal government for falling short of protecting Canadians from terrorists by leaving "significant gaps" in basic anti-terrorism measures.
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Biometrics: Ready for prime time?
In Canada, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority is piloting the use of biometric smart cards by airport workers to improve airport security.
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Fraser report sounds security alarm
Canada has ignored the lessons from the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks by bungling efforts to keep terrorists out and allowing as many as 4,500 workers possibly linked to organized crime a free rein at airports, Auditor-General Sheila Fraser says.
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Key highlights in response to Chapter 3 of the Auditor General's Report "National Security in Canada - the 2001 Anti-Terrorism Initiative"
The Government is moving in the right direction, with efforts to more closely co-ordinate the collection of intelligence information and to encourage the exchange of information among analysts.
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Liberals face new crisis over security flaws
With her unerring ability to target administrative failures that infuriate taxpayers and grab headlines, Fraser will not only question the efficiency of Canada's intelligence-sharing apparatus, she will reveal today that this country's airports aren't  [...]
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Terrorists could use B.C. coast, warns expert
The Canadian Forces counter-terrorism unit, Joint Task Force Two, is using port cities like Victoria to prepare for the possibility of a sea-based attack.
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Directory of the Intelligence office
Government electronic directory of the staff at the Intelligence office of Transport Canada.
LINK | Published: 2001-01-01 | Added: 2004-02-06

US says other countries must put marshals on some planes; Canada already does
Transport Canada spokesman Peter Coyles said certain Canadian flights to the United States, including all to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, have carried armed law-enforcement officers since October 2001, when air travel resumed following the  [...]
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Transport Canada
Official site of Transport Canada.
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The Myth of Security at Canada's Airports
While it may be true that would-be terrorists will now divert their attention to alternate North American targets like power supplies, water supplies and the Internet, it would be foolish to gamble that one of our greatest vulnerabilities - our airways -  [...]
LINK | Published: 2003-01-21 | Added: 2003-01-21

Des espions dans les aéroports
Une unité d'infiltration «complètement intransigeante» et baptisée l'«Équipe rouge» veillera à la droiture des agents de sécurité des aéroports canadiens dès janvier. Et c'est un Montréalais qui sera à sa tête.
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Speaking Notes for Margaret Bloodworth
To continue adapting to the changes we see unfolding, we need to learn some lessons from our past.
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Budget 2001: Enhancing Security for Canadians
Budget 2001 builds on the Government’s long-term plan for a stronger economy and a more secure society, but it also responds to immediate economic and security concerns.
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