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Air India report due in early 2010, lawyer for victims' families hopes for tough measures
RCMP Commissioner expects the Mounties will come under harsh criticism in the report for their handling of the case. He also said that would be "fair and reasonable" given the problems plaguing the Canadian intelligence community at the time.
HTML | Published: 2009-12-16 | Added: 2010-01-09

Canada Reviews Anti-Terrorist Law
Among the items being eyed for change is the national security certificate system used to arrest and deport Canadians considered threats to the country's security.
HTML | Published: 2009-12-14 | Added: 2010-01-09

Canadian 'plot' sparked high alert
The storybook inauguration of Barack Obama played out with Washington on high alert for a major terror plot from Canada. The RCMP confirmed its National Security Criminal Investigations unit worked closely with U.S. counterparts to investigate.
HTML | Published: 2010-01-05 | Added: 2010-01-09

Crackdown is cosmetic, Canada still vulnerable to aviation terrorism, expert says
Pre-emptive security is what you need. You need to be anticipating who's going to be doing what. That's what good intelligence is about. Canada's aviation security system lags far behind many other developed nations.
HTML | Published: 2009-12-26 | Added: 2010-01-09

Did five Torontonians join jihad in Somalia?
The five friends, in their early to mid-20s, grew up and attended schools in Toronto. All five disappeared. RCMP and CSIS officers are investigating the disappearances, canvassing areas in Little Mogadishu and questioning families.
HTML | Published: 2009-12-12 | Added: 2010-01-09

Documents implicating Harkat to stay secret
In a ruling announced yesterday, Justice Simon Noel decided not to release CSIS reports concerning covert human sources to Mr. Harkat or his lawyer, on the grounds that doing so could harm both national security and the individuals involved.
HTML | Published: 2009-12-12 | Added: 2010-01-09

Federal Court quashes security certificate against Hassan Almrei
None of those things justifies branding him a terror suspect, concluded Mosley, who said that CSIS based its assumption on stale evidence and faulty human sources who have turned out to be less than credible.
HTML | Published: 2009-12-14 | Added: 2010-01-09

The thin line of oversight
What was illegal in the 1960s and 1970s might be legal today. Under a law passed not long after Sept. 11, 2001, designated officers have the right to break the law in limited circumstances, for law-enforcement purposes.
HTML | Published: 2009-12-14 | Added: 2010-01-09

Under U.S. pressure, Canada toils in secret on complex air screening system
In sharp contrast to the splashy announcement of see-through airport scanners, officials have been quietly toiling in the shadows on the complex system, which involves input from the Canada Border Services Agency, Transport Canada, CSIS and RCMP.
HTML | Published: 2010-01-08 | Added: 2010-01-09

What Israel can teach us about security
In Israel, a coordinated intelligence gathering operation produces a constantly evolving series of threat analyses and vulnerability studies. There is absolutely no intelligence and threat analysis done in Canada or the United States.
HTML | Published: 2009-12-31 | Added: 2010-01-09