Canadian Foreign Intelligence Service (non-existent)

Canada did not follow the example of other Western states which maintained or established foreign secret intelligence agencies after the Second World War. Since the early 1970s, sporadic debates have emerged on the issue of whether Canada should create such an agency.

Canada still thinks today that the financial cost, the political risk, and the absence of clear and present threats to Canadian national security militate against the creation of a foreign intelligence service. But over the years, Ottawa assigned foreign intelligence functions to several government agencies and departments, namely the Communications Security Establishment, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the Privy Council Office, the Department of National Defence, and Foreign Affairs Canada.

This section presents resources related to the debate on the creation of a Canadian foreign intelligence service.

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Intelligence soldiers in Afghanistan since start of mission: commander
Members of the unit, known as the Human Intelligence Company (HUMINT), are trained in collecting and analyzing information gathered from the wide variety of human contacts, or sources, they encounter on missions. "Clearly, we collect human  [...]
HTML | Published: 2008-05-26 | Added: 2008-07-06

Report: Canada's new military spy unit aims at overseas missions
Canada's military has newly set up a special intelligence unit to do spy work on overseas missions. The intelligence unit can also be tasked with recruiting and overseeing spy networks in foreign countries that are made up of local intelligence  [...]
HTML | Published: 2008-05-27 | Added: 2008-07-03

The necessity of HUMINT
It is absurd to demand a "debate" on whether a fighting force abroad should have a HUMINT apparatus; it would be exactly like debating whether it should carry ammunition.
HTML | Published: 2008-05-30 | Added: 2008-07-03

Proposed army spy unit raises worry
Critics are raising concerns about a new unit of the Canadian Forces that is charged with collecting intelligence for overseas missions.
HTML | Published: 2008-05-27 | Added: 2008-07-01

Canada beefing up bomb task force
IEDs are considered such a threat that a group made up of a task force, intelligence officials, CSE, and the CF expeditionary and special operations commands, among others, meets every two weeks to review progress and deal with ongoing issues.
HTML | Published: 2008-05-19 | Added: 2008-06-30

Canada 'risk averse' on spies, ex-MI-6 head says
But he says a much broader rethinking is in order, as CSIS's relatively few foreign agents remain legally obliged to operate as passive receptacles of information as opposed to classic foreign operatives who actively gather intelligence.
HTML | Published: 2008-04-30 | Added: 2008-05-17

Should we send our spies overseas?
Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day has promised to either broaden CSIS's mandate to include espionage abroad, or, less likely, spin off a new foreign spy service.
HTML | Published: 2008-04-09 | Added: 2008-05-17

Cabinet minister says Canada terrorist target
Day also spoke of changes to CSIS and the legislation on creating a separate agency for foreign intelligence gathering, as well creation of an RCMP Reform Implementation Council.
HTML | Published: 2008-03-27 | Added: 2008-04-06

Canadian intel frets over wiretap law
Justice Edmond Blanchard ruled he lacked jurisdiction to endorse foreign spying operations by CSIS, although he granted the agency rights to domestic wiretaps on the suspects.
HTML | Published: 2008-02-18 | Added: 2008-02-24

Court ruling highlights need to give CSIS more power, expert says
A court decision that stops CSIS from conducting an electronic surveillance operation overseas underlines the need to give Canada's spy agency a broader mandate for foreign operations.
HTML | Published: 2008-02-16 | Added: 2008-02-24

Judge denies CSIS bid to track terror suspects
Attempts by Canada's spy agency to be granted warrants to carry out overseas electronic intercepts against 10 individuals, including Canadians, have failed. CSIS officials have in recent years argued for greater autonomy in spying beyond Canada's  [...]
HTML | Published: 2008-02-15 | Added: 2008-02-24

Spying laws outdated, expert argues
So while the CSE routinely aims its ears outward to hear what foreigners have to say, it effectively blocks its ears whenever a Canadian enters a conversation.
HTML | Published: 2008-02-20 | Added: 2008-02-24

Canada Needs to Use Spies to Collect Foreign Intelligence
Unless the Canadian government begins using spies to collect foreign intelligence, Canada will continue to have to rely on its allies for intelligence that may be misleading or biased and is collected by them for their own reasons, not Canada's.
HTML | Published: 2007-12-12 | Added: 2008-01-26

Time to join global snoops
Collecting foreign intelligence abroad by human means is a vital requirement of sovereignty, and this country is the only G8 country without this capacity. Without it, our decision-makers simply cannot make good policy.
HTML | Published: 2007-12-15 | Added: 2008-01-26

CFIS - A Foreign Intelligence Service for Canada
Canada needs a Foreign Intelligence Service, CFIS, with a mandate similar to that given CSIS in the area of domestic or security intelligence.
PDF | Published: 2007-11-01 | Added: 2008-01-22

A Canadian Foreign Intelligence Service - A new necessity or an expensive frill?
A consultation document reveals the government is planning to hold talks to "address the challenges faced by police, CSIS and the Competition Bureau when seeking timely access to basic Customer Name Address (CNA) information."
PDF | Published: 2006-05-16 | Added: 2007-12-18

Des espions à la rescousse des soldats canadiens
Le Canada envoie des espions du Service canadien du renseignement de sécurité (SCRS) en Afghanistan depuis quelques mois afin d'aider les soldats canadiens à déjouer les attentats meurtriers des combattants talibans dans la région de Kandahar.
HTML | Published: 2007-08-10 | Added: 2007-08-11

Canada's too spy-shy to avert terrorist attacks: expert
Without more overseas spying capabilities Canada will remain dangerously unaware and vulnerable to terrorist threats such as the Taliban video supposedly showing a graduating class of suicide bombers destined for Canada, says a former adviser to the  [...]
HTML | Published: 2007-06-20 | Added: 2007-06-21

No new agency for foreign intelligence, top spy says
The head of Canada's spy service says it would take time to teach his agents the art of gathering human intelligence overseas but the process would be faster and cheaper than creating an entirely new agency to do the work.
HTML | Published: 2007-05-29 | Added: 2007-06-03

Day seeks security powers
The government also says it will expand the ability of Canada's spy agency -- the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) -- to do covert foreign intelligence gathering abroad.
HTML | Published: 2007-05-16 | Added: 2007-05-20

Snooper blooper
Among the numerous Conservative initiatives that make far better election promises than sound public policy, we can apparently scratch the plan to create a separate Canadian intelligence agency to spy on other countries.
HTML | Published: 2007-05-17 | Added: 2007-05-20

Ottawa may still boost Canada's foreign intelligence abilities
Jim Judd, CSIS Director, acknowledged Canada cannot fully meet its intelligence requirements without beefing up its overseas operations. But the government is still debating how to plug that gap.
HTML | Published: 2007-04-30 | Added: 2007-05-13

Tory vow to launch spy agency has fizzled, source says
The Conservative campaign promise to launch a foreign intelligence service has quietly vanished from sight, government sources say. The plan, announced during the last election as part of the party's ambitious security agenda, is not entirely dead.
HTML | Published: 2007-03-27 | Added: 2007-04-22

Conservative's foreign spy agency promise in limbo
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's election promise to create a foreign-intelligence agency appears to be on the backburner, despite calls from Canada's spy agency to increase activity abroad.
HTML | Published: 2007-02-13 | Added: 2007-02-19

CSIS boss wants bigger foreign spying role; former MI6 chief seconds call
The head of Canada's spy agency says CSIS must expand its ability to work abroad in an era when Canadians increasingly turn up in hotspots as soldiers, hostages and refugees.
HTML | Published: 2006-10-28 | Added: 2006-10-29

Harper promet une CIA canadienne
Sous un éventuel gouvernement conservateur, le Canada se lancerait dans l'espionnage international. C'est ce qu'a promis Stephen Harper en reprenant une idée soulevée plusieurs fois par les libéraux depuis les attentats terroristes du 11 septembre  [...]
HTML | Published: 2006-10-29 | Added: 2006-10-29

Le SCRS veut élargir son mandat
Le directeur du SCRS souhaite que le ministre de la Sécurité publique aille de l'avant avec son projet d'élargir le mandat de l'agence afin que des espions puissent intervenir dans les points chauds du monde où le Canada est de plus en plus  [...]
HTML | Published: 2006-10-28 | Added: 2006-10-29

Spy chief reveals extent of foreign missions
CSIS agents have operated in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon, its head revealed at a conference. While CSIS has acknowledged its foreign activities in recent years, this is the first time it identified what it was doing in specific countries.
HTML | Published: 2006-10-28 | Added: 2006-10-29

Canada to send more spies abroad, Day says
The next front in Canada's war on terrorism will involve sending more spies abroad, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day says. Mr. Day said Canada needs to increase its ability to collect foreign intelligence abroad.
HTML | Published: 2006-06-08 | Added: 2006-06-10

Foreign spies mulled
Facing questions about Canada's intelligence-gathering capacity at home and abroad, Day said he wants MPs to study whether it's best to expand CSIS' operations abroad or to establish a new independent, CIA-like foreign spy agency.
HTML | Published: 2006-06-08 | Added: 2006-06-10

Even James Bond had to start someplace
Canada's spy agency is undertaking a major recruitment drive for the first time in almost two decades. And in an unusual move for a top-secret organization, CSIS launched a year-long ad campaign in the career sections of leading Canadian newspapers.
HTML | Published: 2006-05-17 | Added: 2006-05-21

Canada needs to do more spying: Day
Canada's public safety minister says the country needs a more robust foreign spying capability to counter terrorists out to attack the civilized world. Stockwell Day said the government would either create a new spy agency or expand CSIS' mandate.
HTML | Published: 2006-05-10 | Added: 2006-05-18

Keeping Canada safe
Canada has been accused of "freeloading" off other western intelligence services. This winter's election campaign saw the Conservatives promise to expand Canada's ability to collect foreign intelligence.
HTML | Published: 2006-05-15 | Added: 2006-05-17

Super-spies: New agency or CSIS?
The Conservative government, he said, is still considering whether to create a separate new service to gather foreign intelligence and conduct overseas activities, or simply to expand the legal mandate for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.
HTML | Published: 2006-05-11 | Added: 2006-05-17

Canada urged to build foreign spying agency
Whether Canada should create a foreign spy service, along the lines of the CIA or MI6, has been an on-again, off-again debate for decades. The new government has vowed to create a foreign intelligence agency, although it has yet to reveal plans.
HTML | Published: 2006-05-04 | Added: 2006-05-08

Internal CSIS report maps out new plan for foreign spy operations
A secret CSIS task force has called for a fresh injection of resources to bolster the spy agency's work overseas against terrorism. The internal blueprint is expected to chart the course for CSIS efforts to gather intelligence in foreign countries.
HTML | Published: 2006-04-03 | Added: 2006-04-18

Where do the Conservatives stand on national security?
The back pages of the Conservative Party's election platform included the creation of a foreign intelligence service, the establishment of a national security commissioner and the launching of a judicial inquiry into the 20-year-old Air-India  [...]
HTML | Published: 2006-03-28 | Added: 2006-04-18

Security experts back foreign spy agency
National security experts are praising prime minister-designate Stephen Harper's proposal to create a foreign spy service. The idea for a Canadian-style CIA was announced in the Conservative election platform, but received scant attention.
HTML | Published: 2006-01-30 | Added: 2006-02-04

Conservatives would beef up Canada's overseas spying capabilities
Conservatives would beef up Canada's overseas spying capabilities. Perhaps the Tories would simply expand CSIS's overseas activities but the cost of boosting Canada's foreign intelligence capabilities would depend largely on which option they  [...]
HTML | Published: 2006-01-11 | Added: 2006-01-21

Canada's Conservatives to Set up New Anti-Terror Spy Agency
Stephen Harper said his government would set up a separate foreign spy agency to independently counter threats before they reach Canada. Harper said that the Canadian Foreign Intelligence Agency would fall under the guise of a new security czar.
HTML | Published: 2006-01-07 | Added: 2006-01-14

Harper to create Canadian CIA
Stephen Harper will create a Canadian spy organization like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to collect information on threats to Canadian security, counter threats overseas and add to allied intelligence capabilities.
HTML | Published: 2006-01-06 | Added: 2006-01-14

Stand up for Security
A Conservative government will expand the Canadian Foreign Intelligence Agency to effectively gather intelligence overseas, independently counter threats before they reach Canada, and increase allied intelligence operations.
HTML | Published: 2006-01-05 | Added: 2006-01-14

CIA's joint intelligence centers showing results
The CIA has operated the joint intelligence centers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and the multinational center in Paris, codenamed Alliance Base, includes representatives from Britain, France, Germany, Canada and Australia.
HTML | Published: 2005-11-20 | Added: 2005-11-22

La politique canadienne de sécurité nationale, une conséquence de la transformation des institutions publiques de sécurité depuis la fin de la Guerre froide?
The Canadian Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies, Public Safety Ministries and Intelligence Services are some of the State institutions that should adjust to security and threat changes, in line with the newly proposed Canada's National Security  [...]
PDF | Published: 2004-10-30 | Added: 2005-11-01

Wary spy watchdog to closely eye secret CSIS missions overseas
CSIS Inspector General Eva Plunkett has quietly advised Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan she'll be keeping a close eye on clandestine CSIS activities abroad to ensure the intelligence service doesn't cross legal lines.
HTML | Published: 2005-02-21 | Added: 2005-02-25

Review Officer
Experience in providing advice, preparing briefing materials and in making oral presentations directly related to security intelligence or foreign intelligence.
HTML | Published: 2005-02-08 | Added: 2005-02-09

Le gouvernement fédéral envisage d'augmenter le nombre d'espions
Le gouvernement fédéral envisage d'augmenter le nombre d'espions qui oeuvrent à l'extérieur du pays.
TEXT | Published: 2004-12-20 | Added: 2004-12-21

Role of CSIS could expand, McLellan says
The federal government is considering changes to its spy agency's role in the world with an eye toward giving it wider powers in collecting overseas intelligence.
HTML | Published: 2004-12-20 | Added: 2004-12-21

Canada needs more spies abroad, McLellan says
McLellan told Sun Media that she and Prime Minister Paul Martin believe Canada should be collecting more intelligence overseas to defend itself from potential terrorist threats.
HTML | Published: 2004-12-19 | Added: 2004-12-20

Canada short on spies
While not convinced of the need for a separate spy agency to operate overseas, McLellan said she and Prime Minister Paul Martin agree there's a pressing need for Canada to collect more foreign intelligence.
HTML | Published: 2004-12-19 | Added: 2004-12-20

Canada must use its spies
Now that CSIS is faced with serious terrorism, "The service is increasingly engaged in covert foreign operations." This involves recruiting of foreign sources, sending Canadian-cultivated agents abroad and meeting sources in third countries.
HTML | Published: 2004-07-20 | Added: 2004-07-22

Canadian spies mounting more overseas operations to counter terror threat
Canada's spy agency is embarking on a growing number of undercover foreign missions in response to the rise in terrorism. Providing a rare glimpse into its strategic planning, a report by CSIS reveals an increasing reliance on secret operations  [...]
HTML | Published: 2004-06-01 | Added: 2004-06-05

Operations Abroad
CSIS will continue to consider the use of covert intelligence operations outside of Canada if it will assist in investigating and better informing the government about the threats that we face to our national security.
LINK | Published: 2004-05-27 | Added: 2004-05-31

La Russie avertit le SCRS de possibles attaques en Afghanistan
La Russie a averti le Service Canadien de Renseignement de Sécurité sur de possibles attaques terroristes qui pourraient être menées contre les troupes canadiennes en Afghanistan.
TEXT | Published: 2004-05-18 | Added: 2004-05-21

Canadian security head says attack by al-Qaeda inevitable
Ward Elcock, head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, also said CSIS had already prevented terror attacks in Canada and revealed his operatives were mounting an increasing number of spying missions abroad.
HTML | Published: 2004-05-08 | Added: 2004-05-10

CSIS chief warns of Al Qaeda attack
It's just a matter of time before Al Qaeda tries to attack Canadian targets, the head of Canada's spy agency said Thursday as he warned against complacency. He also explained that many more Canadian agents are involved in covert operations overseas.
HTML | Published: 2004-05-06 | Added: 2004-05-10

$690M security plan unveiled
The federal government will do more spying, tighten port security, introduce digital chips in passports to thwart forgeries, and crack down on bogus refugees as part of a new comprehensive national security policy.
HTML | Published: 2004-04-28 | Added: 2004-05-02

Canada eyes spies abroad
Canada is leaving the door open to creating its own foreign intelligence agency -- a bigger version of the national intelligence security service known as CSIS.
HTML | Published: 2004-04-28 | Added: 2004-05-02

Canada's Armed Forces 'atrophied'
Clarke also said Canada might want to consider creating its own foreign intelligence service. "There are ways in which the United States could co-operate with Canada, if Canada had a more robust intelligence capability."
HTML | Published: 2004-04-27 | Added: 2004-05-02

Martin to roll out ambitious national security policy
The policy will canvass six areas: improving intelligence gathering capacity, emergency planning, public health, transportation (marine) security, border security and international security.
HTML | Published: 2004-04-24 | Added: 2004-04-26

Le Canada a-t-il besoin d'un service de renseignement de style CIA?
Un groupe de spécialistes de l'espionnage s'apprêterait à soulever la question de savoir si oui ou non le Canada devrait se doter d'un service de renseignement étranger du style de la CIA américaine.
HTML | Published: 2004-03-24 | Added: 2004-03-24

Panel ponders CIA-style spy service for Canada
A panel of senior spymasters is quietly mulling the vexing question of whether Canada should create a CIA-style foreign intelligence service.
HTML | Published: 2004-03-24 | Added: 2004-03-24

Ottawa laying ground work for special Joint Parliamentary National Security Committee: Minister McLellan
In a wide-ranging interview, Ms. McLellan, who is also Deputy Prime Minister, spoke at length about the challenges she faces in her new portfolio.
PDF | Published: 2004-03-08 | Added: 2004-03-18

Foreign spy service would pose problems
National security misunderstandings are dangerous and few things are more misunderstood than Canadian spying abroad. So little is known about this country's covert foreign operations that Defence Minister David Pratt's enthusiasm for creating a foreign  [...]
HTML | Published: 2004-03-06 | Added: 2004-03-07

Better spies needed overseas - senator
The question of whether Canada needs its own foreign spy service surfaced at a Toronto conference that brought together some of the country's top minds on intelligence matters.
JPG | Published: 1999-06-14 | Added: 2004-02-21

Canada needs to send spies abroad to guarantee sovereignty, CSIS says
[the title should read SIRC and not CSIS] Canada can't be fully sovereign without the ability to send spies abroad, the watchdog panel that oversees the Canadian Security Intelligence Service suggested.
JPG | Published: 1989-11-24 | Added: 2004-02-21

Canada urged to create international spy branch
Canada needs an aggressive "offshore" spy section, says a key player in Canada's intelligence community. "That is an area that has to be addressed," says Jean-Jacques Blais, the former sollicitor-general who helped create CSIS.
JPG | Published: 1988-02-29 | Added: 2004-02-21

CSIS has no business in foreign intelligence
The Canadian Security Intelligence Service should stick to its primary mandate, security intelligence, and stay out of the business of foreign intelligence. CSIS well knows that no democracy has permitted the combination of both in one agency.
JPG | Published: 2001-10-29 | Added: 2004-02-21

Don't spy abroad, ex-Mountie says
The federal government would be creating "a monster" if it accepts a recommendation to allow Canadian spies to operate abroad, the former head of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police security service says.
JPG | Published: 1989-09-30 | Added: 2004-02-21

Espionage Canada?
A covert foreign service would be very expensive and likely not very effective. It is difficult to argue, in terms of national security and our trading and other interests, that a Canadian espionage service would serve any vital purpose.
JPG | Published: 1992-07-02 | Added: 2004-02-21

It's time we dirtied our hands, say spy agency proponents
Every decade or so, a plot is hatched for a Canadian foreign intelligence agency. It arouses lukewarm interest and earnest calls for debate - and is quietly killed by a conviction that espionage is an un-Canadian activity.
JPG | Published: 2001-11-03 | Added: 2004-02-21

Limited overseas use of CSIS agents urged
Canada does not need its own "offensive" spy agency operating abroad, but it could use an occasional Canadian Security Intelligence Service agent overseas, the committee that monitors the CSIS said.
JPG | Published: 1989-09-28 | Added: 2004-02-21

The dangers of creating a foreign spy agency
It is misleading nonsense to suggest Canada should have a foreign spy service. I am certain it is specious to argue that just because all the other Group of Seven countries have espionage agencies, as does Australia, that we should have one, too.
JPG | Published: 1995-09-18 | Added: 2004-02-21

Weighing the merits of a foreign intelligence service
Unlike most of its allies, Canada does not operate spy networks abroad. But there is a body of opinion in the Canadian intelligence community which believes Canada is hypocritical and naive not to have a network of secret agents overseas.
JPG | Published: 1988-10-22 | Added: 2004-02-21

When spying spells chaos
There is a real danger that an espionage agency would actively harm rather than help the national interest. I do not believe that a spy agency could be adequately directed and controlled.
JPG | Published: 1982-08-16 | Added: 2004-02-21

Caucus committee chairman wants foreign spy agency
The chairman of the Liberal caucus committee on foreign affairs and defence says Canada needs a foreign spy agency. Bryon Wilfert points out that Canada is the only major industrial nation without a foreign intelligence service.
HTML | Published: 2002-01-27 | Added: 2004-02-11

CSIS acknowledges foreign operations
The head of CSIS has acknowledged that it carries out missions outside the country. Ward Elcock told the House of Commons immigration committee that the carrying out of covert missions abroad is part of the service's mandate.
HTML | Published: 2001-10-19 | Added: 2004-02-11

Les services secrets canadiens auront plus d'argent
Le premier ministre Paul Martin souhaite accroître le budget consacré aux opérations de renseignements à l'étranger. M. Martin songe à confier au SCRS ou à une nouvelle agence le mandat de recueillir des renseignements outre-mer.
HTML | Published: 2004-02-07 | Added: 2004-02-11

Ottawa envisage la création d'une agence de renseignement international
Le ministre canadien des Affaires étrangères, John Manley, estime que le Canada aura besoin d'un financement accru pour sa Défense nationale, ses Services du renseignement, et l'aide internationale.
HTML | Published: 2001-10-05 | Added: 2004-02-11

Paul Martin, veut accroître le budget consacré aux opérations de renseignement
Le premier ministre du Canada, Paul Martin, veut accroître le budget consacré aux opérations de renseignement de sécurité à l'étranger.
TEXT | Published: 2004-02-08 | Added: 2004-02-11

Canadian government plans to expand overseas spy service
Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin has said that his government wants to expand Canada's spy operations overseas.
HTML | Published: 2004-02-08 | Added: 2004-02-09

Martin veut accroître le budget des opérations de renseignement à l'étranger
Le premier ministre Paul Martin souhaite accroître le budget consacré aux opérations de renseignement à l'étranger.
HTML | Published: 2004-02-07 | Added: 2004-02-07

PM wants to expand overseas spy service
In the clearest signal yet of a coming shake-up in the counter-terrorism business in this country, Prime Minister Paul Martin said this week he wants to expand Canada's spy operations overseas.
HTML | Published: 2004-02-07 | Added: 2004-02-07

The Missing Agency: The Case for a Canadian Foreign Intelligence Service
The focus of this dissertation lies on the controversial statement that Canada needs to create a foreign intelligence agency. It addresses the issue of why Ottawa chose not to establish a CFIS in the first place. It also answers how Canada collects  [...]
PDF | Published: 2002-11-15 | Added: 2004-01-25

The Missing Agency: The Case for a Canadian Foreign Intelligence Service, 2nd Edition
This is the second edition of a dissertation which focus lies on the controversial statement that Canada needs to create a foreign intelligence agency. It addresses the issue of why Ottawa chose not to establish a CFIS in the first place. It also  [...]
PDF | Published: 2003-02-09 | Added: 2004-01-25

House Private Members' Bills - Bill C-409
Current status of Bill C-409, An Act to establish the Canadian Foreign Intelligence Agency
LINK | Published: 2003-03-17 | Added: 2004-01-18

Order Transferring Certain Portions from the Department of Citizenship and Immigration to the Canada Border Services Agency
Her Excellency the Governor General in Council hereby transfers to the Canada Border Services Agency the control and supervision of the following portions of the public service in the Department of Citizenship and Immigration.
LINK | Published: 2003-12-31 | Added: 2004-01-18

Canada Says Aims to Be a Strong U.S. Defense Partner
Pratt said, however, there are two priorities that are immediately obvious: the need to be able to deploy forces to hotspots around the world more quickly, and the need for "intelligence assets" to be able to direct firepower.
HTML | Published: 2004-01-13 | Added: 2004-01-13

CASIS International Conference Student Reports
This year's conference marked many milestones, not the least of which was the participation of forty students from across Canada. They would be providing reports of conference proceedings, to be posted on the CASIS website.
LINK | Published: 2003-12-01 | Added: 2004-01-12

Wesley Wark
With remarkable stealth, Paul Martin and his team developed, and have now unveiled, a surprising and ambitious security agenda. It will take some time to feel its full impact, but Mr. Martin clearly intends to address the many deficiencies in Canada's  [...]
HTML | Published: 2003-12-17 | Added: 2003-12-22

Canadian Foreign Intelligence Capability - Bibliography
Bibliography of an MA thesis addressing the issue of a Canadian foreign intelligence capability.
PDF | Published: 2001-11-01 | Added: 2003-11-30

Global spy role grows: CSIS head
Just where Canadian spies are at work around the world, Ward Elcock won't say. But the director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) admits this much. Canadian intelligence officers are abroad.
HTML | Published: 2003-10-27 | Added: 2003-10-29

Does Canada Need a Foreign Intelligence Agency?
The report concludes that there are compelling reasons for Canada to establish an independent foreign intelligence service. The changed intelligence priorities of Canada and its allies mean that we can no longer rely exclusively on existing capabilities  [...]
PDF | Published: 2003-03-01 | Added: 2003-10-20

The Limits of Current Policy
The recent caution by the Deputy Prime Minister, John Manley, that the creation of a new agency is not something to be rushed into and that “…it is one of those deeper issues which requires a lot more careful thought and consideration.
LINK | Published: 2002-05-21 | Added: 2003-09-09

Canadian Security and Military Preparedness: Excerpts
The Committee learned that the operations of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service are basically limited to the collection of intelligence in Canada. Except for the investigation of immigration cases, it lacks the resources to routinely operate in  [...]
PDF | Published: 2002-02-01 | Added: 2003-08-05

CSIS and CFIA Acts
A side-by-side comparison of the 1984 Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act and the 2003 proposed Canadian Foreign Intelligence Agency Act (Bill C-409).
PDF | Published: 2003-07-14 | Added: 2003-07-14

Bill C-409: An Act to establish the Canadian Foreign Intelligence Agency
The functions of the Agency are to be performed only to safeguard the interest of Canada’s sovereignty, security, democratic integrity, international relations or economic well-being and only to the extent that those matters are affected by the  [...]
LINK | Published: 2003-03-17 | Added: 2003-07-11

Edited Hansard Number 071
Mr. David Pratt (Nepean-Carleton, Lib.) moved for leave to introduce Bill C-409, an act to establish the Canadian Foreign Intelligence Agency.
LINK | Published: 2003-03-17 | Added: 2003-07-11

Let's create a Canadian foreign intelligence service
We could pay a steep economic, financial, diplomatic price if we're not taken seriously in Washington. How then to get noticed there? A brilliant solution, I believe, is the one proposed by Norman Spector, former top aide to Brian Mulroney and now a  [...]
LINK | Published: 2002-11-17 | Added: 2003-07-11

Quotes related to the need for a Canadian foreign intelligence service
We don't have a dedicated foreign intelligence agency -- something that would be worth having.
TEXT | Published: 2003-06-05 | Added: 2003-06-05

I don't think I'm being negative
We don't have a dedicated foreign intelligence agency -- something that would be worth having. I think we need to increase our ability. I think we can do it within the existing framework. CSIS does have some foreign capacity…
HTML | Published: 2003-04-30 | Added: 2003-04-30

Foreign spy agency eyed
Canada has to think about setting up an international spy agency in light of the new global terrorist threat, says Foreign Affairs Minister John Manley. "We haven't accepted having an agency for international intelligence until now," he told a news  [...]
PDF | Published: 2001-10-05 | Added: 2002-07-31

Requests for classified information
Request for classified information related to the possible creation of a Canadian foreign intelligence service.
PDF | Published: 2002-07-17 | Added: 2002-07-17

CSIS Public Reports: Excerpts
Excerpts from CSIS annual public reports related to foreign intelligence.
PDF | Published: 2002-07-16 | Added: 2002-07-16

Talking Points for W.P.D. Elcock at the Canadian Centre for Intelligence and Security Studies
I was invited this morning to chair a discussion on threat assessments and requirements, and I do not intend to stray far from my assignment. I don’t want to miss this opportunity to try to clarify the role of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service  [...]
LINK | Published: 2002-06-12 | Added: 2002-06-30

Canada will not create its own foreign spy agency, says John Manley
The Canadian government has shelved a plan to create its own foreign intelligence agency.
LINK | Published: 2002-04-10 | Added: 2002-05-15

Edited Hansard Number 079
Perhaps we should look closely at a proposal that had been advanced in the past, that of creating a separate foreign intelligence agency for Canada. Such an agency could serve many purposes, not the least of which would be intelligence gathering relating  [...]
LINK | Published: 2001-09-17 | Added: 2002-05-13

Edited Hansard Number 096 14:30
Will the solicitor general take the advice of the foreign affairs minister and get the mandate and the money to create a permanent foreign intelligence gathering agency?
LINK | Published: 2001-10-17 | Added: 2002-05-13

Edited Hansard Number 096 14:35
However, I do not think we need to look very far to realize that a full scale, highly funded foreign intelligence agency is not the only solution to the problems that exist with respect to terrorism. If so, perhaps the CIA would have prevented the  [...]
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Edited Hansard Number 082
Mr. Speaker, Canada can no longer solely rely on our allies' intelligence to alert us of external threats. Former CSIS planning chief David Harris guaranteed that it was only a matter of time before terrorists would strike in Canada. Harris and others  [...]
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No need for overseas spy service, Manley says
Canada suspended the idea of creating its own foreign intelligence agency yesterday, saying it would rely instead on existing security links to gather information and might even ask business executives to pass on tips gleaned from abroad.
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Boost Canada's Spies, Academic Urges
Canada is not up to battling international terrorism on its soil due to a lack of manpower, funding and expertise within security agencies, some experts said day. "The problem is that the RCMP and CSIS don't have the manpower and they don't have the  [...]
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Key Ministers Cool to Canadian Spy Service
Foreign Minister Bill Graham and Defence Minister Art Eggleton say they're keeping an open mind, but they're not as sure as some colleagues that Canada needs its own foreign spy agency.
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L'armée canadienne devrait obtenir plus d'argent
Dans son rapport, le Comité permanent de la défense nationale et des anciens combattants se demande si le gouvernement ne devrait pas songer à se doter d'un service du renseignement à l'étranger afin de compléter le travail effectué par ses services de  [...]
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Le Canada doit-il se doter d'une agence d'espionnage à l'étranger?
Bien qu'ils demeurent prêts à discuter de la question, le ministre fédéral des Affaires étrangères, Bill Graham, et son collègue de la Défense nationale, Art Eggleton, ne sont pas encore convaincus de la nécessité de doter le Canada d'une agence  [...]
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Un service d’espionnage pour le Canada?
La crise actuelle provoquée par la menace terroriste ressuscite le débat sur l’opportunité, pour le Canada, de se doter d’un service d’espionnage en sol étranger.
TEXT | Published: 2001-10-14 | Added: 2002-04-30

Un service de renseignement canadien à l’étranger ciblerait aussi les É-U
Le Canada a besoin d'un service de renseignement à l'étranger, et il n'est pas exclu que les États-Unis seraient alors ciblés, a déclaré le président du comité du caucus libéral sur les affaires étrangères et la défense.
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Canada Freezes Idea of Foreign Intelligence Agency
Canada suspended the idea of creating its own foreign intelligence agency, saying it would rely instead on existing security links to gather information and might even ask business executives to pass on tips gleaned from abroad.
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CSIS does have spies abroad
Canadian Alliance MPs were surprised to hear that Canada does in fact have foreign intelligence-gathering operations abroad after two top-level officials testified before the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration.
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Spies like Us in U.S.?
The Canadian government is talking about the need to set up a Canadian foreign intelligence service like the CIA. Of course, the first thing they do is start looking at the US as the primary target.
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Terrorist Crisis Revives Debate on Foreign Spy Agency for Canada
Don't expect the recruiting posters for would-be James Bonds to go up any time soon. But the intermittent debate over whether Canada should have a foreign spy service is on again.
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The Forum Responds
Now we ought to be ready to establish our own foreign intelligence-gathering capability, including that for human intelligence. We must put aside our previous reservations. We must also commit the necessary resources.
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Canada Needs Foreign Spy Agency: MP
Canada needs a foreign spy agency and the United States can't be ruled out as a potential target, says the head of a Liberal caucus panel studying the question. Bryon Wilfert, a Toronto-area MP, noted Canada is the only G-8 country without a foreign  [...]
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