Government Panels and Committees

This section is dedicated to government panels and committees established to study and report on Canadian intelligence issues. These entities can either be temporary or permanent.


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Prime Minister announces appointments to the Advisory Council on National Security
Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced the appointment of seven new members to the 15-member Advisory Council on National Security (ACNS).
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Plans for oversight under fire
Creating a committee of MPs and senators to oversee Canada's national security agencies would be a waste of time if it is attached to the Prime Minister's Office, says Liberal Colin Kenny, who chairs the Senate's national security committee.
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Spies, Lies and a Commission: A Case Study in the Mobilization of the Canadian Civil Liberties Movement
The commission embarked on one of the most thorough abuses of individual rights ever conducted in Canada and was armed with extensive powers to determine the extent of the Soviet spy ring in Canada revealed by the defection of Igor Gouzenko.
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The Royal Commission on Espionage
Detailed history of the Royal Commission on Espionage (Canada,1946) and useful links and information on the first generation rights movement in Canada (1930s to 1950s).
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Watching the watchers
CSIS is still a relatively young organization requiring serious oversight. Such oversight could be provided by the proposed nine-person national security committee but their involvement will have to be more comprehensive than a night or two at a  [...]
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Parliament may become spy watchdog
An unprecedented unofficial committee of senators and MPs is travelling the globe in an inquiry that could dramatically increase Parliament's ability to act as a watchdog over spying and domestic operations by Canada's security intelligence  [...]
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Cabinet Committee Membership
List of the Cabinet committees and their membership.
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The Royal Commission on Espionage, 1946-9: A Case Study in the mobilization of the Canadian Civil Liberties Movement
The commission was formed in response to the defection of a Russian cipher clerk and investigated the existence of a Russian-led spy ring that had recruited several Canadian civil servants into disclosing secret information.
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