The Canadian Intelligence Resource Centre (CIRC) was a non-profit, independent project launched on 1 December 2003 and presenting a well-structured, easily-accessible database of links and documents related to Canadian intelligence. These resources are unclassified information and mainly come from the government, media, intelligence practitioners, academics, students, and private individuals. The project ended on 9 January 2010 and turned into an online archive.

This archives database of resources contains 1211 links and documents, some of which dating as far back as 1982, gathered throughout the years by the Editor.

CIRC is not affiliated nor endorsed in any way by the Canadian government or any other organisation. It is a personal project created and maintained by CIRC Editor Jérôme Mellon, and is not affiliated with the Mellon Financial Corporation, the Carnegie Mellon University, or the Andrew Mellon Foundation.

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