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The Media and National Security and Intelligence: Mutual Dependence, Mutual Distrust
For its first Ottawa program, the Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF) is collaborating with CASIS to host a panel discussion featuring New York Times security and intelligence correspondent Tim Weiner.
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The hottest postsecondary field? Intelligence
Academic specialists in security and intelligence studies say their courses have never been so popular, but Canada's universities have been unable to get the faculty and other resources to meet the demand.
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CASIS Conference Sparks Debate
Addressing delegates on Oct. 14 at one of the opening sessions of the CASIS conference, Mr. Wark said the government was duty-bound three years ago to put more resources and brain power behind its national security agenda.
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Averting our own 9/11
Speaking on Thursday at the opening of the annual conference of the Canadian Association of Security and Intelligence Studies, Robert Wright quite correctly stated that it is "absurd" to believe that terrorist attacks could not happen on our own  [...]
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Dangers for Canada are real
The Prime Minister's national security advisor told a major security and intelligence conference yesterday it would be
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Experts push for security review
The federal government and the public should be engaged in the very debates conducted at the conference concerning methods of intelligence gathering and Canada's role in international operations.
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Task force to study threat of cyber strike
A national task force will be set up to bolster Canada's defences against cyber-attacks by terrorists, a key security official has announced. Communications Security Establishment chief Keith Coulter made the announcement yesterday.
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Media Advisory for the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies
The Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies is holding its 2004 international conference October 14-16 in Ottawa at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.
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La menace terroriste reste bien réelle, selon le chef du SCRS
Ward Elcock a averti la population que la menace terroriste était toujours bien présente. Même si la guerre au terrorisme a connu «quelques succès», «les leçons des dernières années nous montrent qu'ils ne disparaîtront pas du jour au lendemain».
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CASIS International Conference Student Reports
This year's conference marked many milestones, not the least of which was the participation of forty students from across Canada. They would be providing reports of conference proceedings, to be posted on the CASIS website.
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CSIS admits to spying abroad
Canadian spies have been conducting "covert" operations in foreign countries to gather information about threats to national security, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service admitted for the first time on the weekend. "Events have increasingly  [...]
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Terror risk in Canada real: Experts
Country facing `persistent, evolving threats'. Intelligence panel ponders grim scenarios.
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Notes for a Speech by the Honourable Wayne Easter Solicitor General Of Canada at the CASIS Conference
We set about to reinforce our national security system to the tune of eight billion dollars. We created integrated national security enforcement teams in major Canadian cities, bringing together the RCMP, CSIS, Customs, Immigration and other law  [...]
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Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies
CASIS is a nonpartisan, voluntary association established in 1985. Its principal purpose is to provide informed debate in Canada on security and intelligence issues. Membership is open and currently includes academics, concerned citizens, government  [...]
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