May 07, 2004
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Top Canadian spy: Attack probable

Ottawa, ON, May. 7 (UPI) -- Canada's top spy, Ward Elcock, said a terrorist attack on Canada is almost inevitable given that the country appears on Osama bin Laden's blacklist.

Elcock, director of the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, told a parliamentary committee Thursday, "It is ... safe to assume that it is no longer a question of `if' but rather of `when and where' we will be specifically targeted," adding, "we have not yet seen a specific threat," the Toronto Star reported. He referred to a "target list" that appeared this spring, putting Canada fifth on the list.

Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan later added: "We live in a very complex and unpredictable world. And I think it would be foolish in the extreme for anyone to suggest that somehow we are immune from the kinds of things we have seen take place in Madrid, and in other parts of the world. We must be prepared for the possibility of some kind of terrorist action in this country."

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