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From: "Leszek Gluchowski" <lwgluch at sympatico.ca>
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Subject: Canadian Intelligence during the Cold War
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 09:54:56 -0500

I have just returned from Warsaw, where, among other things, I was 
conducting archival research at the Institute of National Remembrance 
(IPN).  I now have a number of files relating to Canada's so-called 
intelligence community during the Cold War.

These files were largely collected by Communist Poland's civilian 
intelligence service-Department 1 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 
(MSW)-also known by its rivals in the west as the SB.

Among the subjects covered:

(1)   "Jacket" no. 3094, concerning the Joint Intelligence 
Bureau-Defence Research Board, Department of National Defence.  (I 
would like to express my thanks to Witold Bagienski, a doctoral 
candidate in Poland, for making me aware of this and other files 
available at the IPN).

(2)   "Jacket" no. 2070, concerning Adam Bromke, at the time a 
professor at Carleton University in Ottawa.

(3)   "Jacket" 11806, concerning Leszek Gluchowski, at the time a 
Ph.D. candidate at King's College, University of Cambridge.  A senior 
inspector with Polish intelligence concluded in early 1988:  "It is a 
matter of fact, that GLUCH remains in close contact with the special 
services of Canada (we suspect that he is a cadre employee of 
[Canadian] Intelligence), and it should also not be discounted the he 
collaborates with the services of Great Britain."

I would appreciate further information on the Canadian intelligence 
community, notably the JIB, during the Cold War, particularly details 
regarding the published scholarly literature, as well as on the 
availability of Canadian archival sources.

Leszek Gluchowski

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