August 8, 2007

Intelligence officer fired

34-year terrorist specialist allegedly misused classified information


A Toronto immigration intelligence officer -- who hunted down terrorists -- has been fired for allegedly misusing classified government information.

An internal investigation and audit have been launched into the alleged conflict of interest within the cloak-and-dagger intelligence unit of the Canada Border Services Agency, resulting in the officer's dismissal two weeks ago.

Investigators are trying to determine if confidential information from a federal immigration database was leaked to the officer's wife, a former immigration officer, now a lawyer.

CBSA spokesman Anna Pape was tight-lipped about the incident, saying it was an internal matter. She refused to disclose the former agent's identity.

The 34-year-veteran agent, who began his career as an OPP officer, was to retire next year.

"Our employees are subject to strict standards of conduct, and employee misconduct can lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination," Pape said.

Pape said her agency stands behind the integrity and professionalism of the thousands of officers who serve Canada and protect its borders.

The Matheson Rd. unit is in charge of obtaining intelligence to bust alien smuggling rings and immigration scams and remove suspected terrorists from Canada.