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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Spies working in Canada

MONTREAL -- Foreign spies are plying their trade on Canadian soil, according to a CSIS report obtained by Sun Media.

Some countries bogged down in regional conflicts send their James Bonds to Canada to lead "strong-arm" espionage, destabilization or intimidation operations in the hearts of local immigrant communities.

The authors of the top-secret study from last May claim Canada is a "choice target" for spies "sponsored by foreign governments."

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service points out these illicit activities "have even intensified ... over the past 15 years."

CSIS does not hide its concern some countries identified are likely leading underground operations here in order to "serve their own interests" in the "conflicts that rage" in their respective regions.

"They come to Canada to intimidate, spy on their dissidents, etc. ... These operations often stem right from their diplomatic missions to Canada," said Barbara Campion, CSIS spokesman.

Asked if such spies would go as far as to physically eliminate individuals, Campion responded: "Anything is possible."

The identities of the countries that import their conflicts is difficult to ascertain.

But former CSIS agent Michel Juneau-Katsuya does have his own idea: "The troubles in Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Kurdistan, Palestine, etc. inevitably have had impacts right here -- the most striking example being the explosion of the Air India Boeing back in 1985."


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